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Wordpress blogs for your website. Addons or standalone websites.

Blogs. Wordpress. You may have heard these words bandied about online and wondered what they are, or you may be a blog aficionado looking to dress their blog up.

The word 'blog' comes from "web log" - it's more or less a place on the net where you can post more or less a diary of your thoughts, updates and news for all your readers to see. Check out our blog to get more of an idea what we mean.

The blogging system we use is Wordpress. It's really easy to use, and friendly even to new users. It has a proven record, gets updated frequently should any issues arise, and has lots of plugins available to dress up your blog.

We can create two different types of Wordpress blog for you. Firstly the basic Wordpress blog, which would look something like this. Second of all, we can create another Wordpress blog with all the same features, but it will fit seamlessly in with the look of your website.

Either of these options can be built into one of our custom bespoke website packages, or added to an existing site.

If you'd like a blog, fill in a no obligation, website quote request and we'll work out a blog that will suit you to a tee.

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