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Only won a website design award from coolhomepages.com - one of the world's most widely recognised showcases of websites from all over the world. We were featured as one of coolhomepages.com's Sites of the Week - the biggest honour they can bestow on a website!

Coolhomepages had this to say about Only; "This design studio's website from the U.K. shows off some professional and creative work in a visually welcoming environment."

As well as being featured as one of the sites of the week, we have been featured on a number of CSS gallery websites from all over the net, including CSS Catwalk, CSS Drive and in an article on depthskins.net

Thanks to all of the websites featuring Only. We strived to ensure our code and design was pleasing to users everywhere, and we were really glad to get the response we did!

Coolhomepages - The guys at Coolhomepages awarded us with one of their coveted Site Of The Week awards. We are still available to view on their site under Past Sites of the week, and in their "Very Clean" section.

Depthskins.net - The design blog Depthskins have listed us in their top 5 reasons why dark designs became a trend.

1080websites.com - a glowing 5 star review on the "website yellow pages"

Website Judge - Someone has been kind enough to submit us to Website Judge, where we're currently sweeping an average of 9/10 across the board.

Screenalicious - We're currently notching up a 4 star review with this gorgeous website screening site.

Most Inspired - What a nice name for a site to be featured on as a designer, thanks guys!

CSS Drive - a decent rating on CSS Drive, the downside of our company is apparently that we are too inexpensive!

CSS Catwalk - A couple of nice comments about our site from the users at CSS Catwalk. Always nice to get a "wow"!

Delicious - Thanks to a few users we are now showing on the massive Delicious network.

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